The Spay and Neuter Commuter
For cats and dogs in Davidson County, NC

We appreciate your interest in 
The Humane Society of Davidson County's 

Spay and Neuter Transport Program.

If you want to spay or neuter your furry companion, then you have ventured to the right place.  Through a partnership with Planned Pethood in Greensboro, NC (a program of the Humane Society of the Piedmont), we are able to offer sterilization surgeries at a low-cost rate.

How does this transport program work? 

Pets are picked up at a designated location in Davidson County (1114 Piedmont Drive, Lexington) via a transportation truck from Planned Pethood.  A board certified veterinarian performs your pet's surgery at the Planned Pethood clinic in Greensboro and the following day, your pet is delivered back to the same location where you dropped her/him off.

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